My 5 Secrets to Choosing Boric Acid Suppositories

Boric acid suppositories are all the rage right now, as they should be. After all, they work remarkably for vaginal odor, itch, and yeast infections. But you need to be careful on the brand that you choose. I wanted to give some quick tips on choosing the perfect vaginal suppository.

  1. Make Sure They’re Vegan – Many companies will sell you gelatin based capsules. Yuck! These are made from animal parts and are likely not healthy for the vagina, especially long-term. Studies have also shown that vegan capsules break down much better, so you don’t have to deal with as much annoying next-day discharge.
  2. Make Sure They’re Giving You Enough – Many companies try to make profits by only selling you 14 pills for the price that others sell for 30. Don’t fall for this. You’ll end up paying twice as much for the same capsules.
  3. Make Sure They’re Made in the USA – Be very careful – many brands are now coming from overseas. Look at the packaging to make sure it does not look suspicious. It should say made in the USA clearly on the packaging.
  4. Make Sure They’re Pharmaceutical Grade – Boric acid can be used for many different purposes.  Make sure that the products you choose are using pharmaceutical grade boric acid.  Also make sure its very finely ground! Many brands use chunky grainy powder and its not comfortable.
  5. Check Their Satisfaction Guarantee – Always go with a brand that has a strong satisfaction guarantee.  After all, if they stand behind their word, you’re taking no risk!

The only company that seems to fit all of these is FlowerPower.  They’ve been my favorite choice of boric acid suppositories.