How I Got Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis — in 24 Hours

We’ve all been there. It’s awkward, it’s embarrassing, and it’s a total confidence-killer.

And I dealt with it for years

I was too self-conscious to get close enough to anybody to be ‘intimate’..

…and too shy to bring it up with my doctor ?..

Simply put, my vagina smelled bad ?

It didn’t matter that I showered every single day.

All the specialty soaps and scented pads I tried (even when I wasn’t on my period!) masked the smell.. at best.

I thought I was doomed to be friendless and more importantly, boyfriendless.

After all – who would want to get close.. down there?

Then I tried FlowerPower and oh em gee, what a life-changer!

Seriously, a simple little pill completely KILLED the fishy (and sometimes cheesy?) smell and totally rebalanced my pH.

My vagina (and me…and my new fiancé ?) couldn’t be happier!

What causes bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

First off, it’s not you. It’s not anything you did (or didn’t do).

Bacterial vaginosis is caused by bad bacteria in your vagina overpowering the good bacteria, throwing your pH balance off and growing out of control.

When you’re dealing with bacterial vaginosis, the smell is just one issue. If you’ve ever dealt with bacterial vaginosis, you’ve maybe also dealt with:

  • Itching
  • Weird discharge
  • Pain
  • A burning sensation when you pee

And its not a big deal! Any woman can suffer from bacterial vaginosis. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about..

..but it is something you’ll want to clear up (and fast!)

Do I need antibiotics?

That is between you and your doctor, but in my opinion..


Sure, you could try antibiotics…and they might help..

.. or a little while.

You see, here’s what happened to me when I went to my doctor for a solution to “the problem”…

She assured me it’s completely normal..

“It can happen to anybody,” she said.

Okay, great, that made me feel a little bit better.

Then she prescribed me antibiotics meant for vaginal infections.

The smell went away ?!

And then.. about a week later..  it came back ?

And a yeast infection came with it ?!

So I knew I had to try something else! I decided I wasn’t going to let vaginal odor continue to ruin my life.

I tried everything I could find…

I’m a big believer in natural remedies and homegrown solutions. I did a quick Google search for remedies (thank god for the internet!) and found:

  • Raw garlic

  • Yogurt

  • Essential oils

  • Herbal tea

  • Apple cider vinegar

So I tried them all…and none of them worked (at least, not for very long).

Some worked better than others, but with everything I tried, it wasn’t long before I could smell myself again and my self-confidence plummeted back down to zero.

Maybe it was time for some ‘pharmaceutical intervention’, I thought…

So I headed to the pharmacy to pick up some creams and pills.

Take a wild guess what happened?

That’s right, nothing worked ?.

My vagina still itched, and smelled, and made me want to spend the rest of my life curled up alone in my bed, binging Netflix for the rest of my life.

I was on the verge of giving up… and then I found THIS…

As I was scrolling through Instagram one day, looking at all my friends’ pics of the amazing places they go and the fun things they do, I saw an ad for something. It was called “FlowerPower“.

Intriguing, I thought. Hey, maybe all that googling I do would pay off ??

It’s an all-natural suppository that’s backed by gynecologists.

I thought to myself, “Hey, I’ve tried everything so far, another try can’t hurt.”

And WOW – if only I could go back in time and use FlowerPower sooner!

The odor was GONE less than a week later and I was feeling fresh, healthy and most importantly, like me again!

How FlowerPower Works:

When I first saw the ad for FlowerPower, I was skeptical. Another suppository to stick up there and pray it works? I’d heard it all: I’d been burned before and my faith was low.

But here’s how FlowerPower is different from all the other “cures” out there:

It works with your vagina’s natural ecosystem to restore things back to a healthy balance. 

This isn’t an antibiotic or any kind of chemical cure—it’s a natural rejuvenator that brings your vagina back to a healthy state.

The “secret” ingredient?

Something called boric acid

Sounds scary, I thought. But its not at all. Boric acid is a powdered mineral derived from seawater that’s known for its antiviral and antifungal properties.

For more than 100 years, women have been using boric acid to treat yeast infections and other issues caused by pH imbalances in the vagina.

You see, your vagina is naturally acidic. And when the pH level goes too high because it’s overrun with harmful bacteria, infections (like bacterial vaginosis) can occur.

Boric acid helps your vagina get back into a healthy pH zone, basically enabling it to become self-sufficient “cleaning machine” again! 

FlowerPower delivers pure boric acid in the form of small, comfortable suppositories. Unlike other brands, they don’t use dyes, fillers, or grainy powder.. ..they simply provide an all-natural, effective treatment that can work in as little as one use.

And get this…it’s completely vegan and cruelty-free ?.

But best of all? The amazing vaginal benefits of boric acid have been mentioned on credible websites like WebMD,,, and even Mayo clinic’s website. Heck they even had an episode on “The Doctors” about how amazing it is.

How do I use it?

FlowerPower works while you sleep. Seriously!

Just insert one suppository before you go to bed and head off to dreamland ?

As you snooze, FlowerPower dissolves and starts working its magic within 4 to 12 hours ✨

You might not need to use it a second time…lots of users say their symptoms were gone after just one use!

But for me, and many other women, it took a few nights to completely eliminate all my issues. Within 2 to 4 nights, your symptoms should be completely gone.

You get 30 suppositories in a package…waay more than you’ll need to make your symptoms go away.

If you ever find the smell coming back, even just a little bit, go ahead and use FlowerPower again, even if it’s been months or years since the last time you used it.

Just stick it up there?

Yup! If you’ve ever used a tampon before, inserting a FlowerPower should be no problem.

If you’ve only ever used tampons with applicators and you’re not comfortable sticking anything up there without one, no worries! You can get applicators specifically designed for FlowerPower suppositories, so you can easily insert yours and feel confident you’ve got it in as far as it needs to go.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Trust me, it will.

But in case you’re not 100% satisfied with FlowerPower, you can return it for a full refund guaranteed ?

In fact they have an “it works or it’s free policy”.

Honestly, that was one of the things that made me confident enough to try it..

Because, after all the failures I had trying to get the smell under control with “natural remedies” and pharmacy products, I was feeling financially and emotionally ‘tapped out’.

Knowing I could get my money back if FlowerPower didn’t work for me made me feel waaay better about ordering it ?

Now I am 100% “BV-free”… and 1000% more confident!

Unlike other products you’ll find online, FlowerPower is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-registered facility. 

The ingredients are 100% pure and natural. They’re completely vegan, so you can feel good about using them to restore your natural pH balance.

Other brands use gelatin ?. Studies show gelatin doesn’t dissolve as well, and quite frankly its kind of gross (if you know where gelatin comes from)!

And here’s the best part…when you order FlowerPower, a portion of the proceeds go to a charity focused on helping women. They give you a choice of charities, so you can pick the one that’s closest to your heart!

Don’t just take my word for it…

Check out what these other women have to say:

“I’ve been cursed with bacterial vaginosis since my late teenage years. I literally have tried everything.. including the antibiotics that my doctor prescribed. They seem to work but then I have an event that triggers it all to come back. This can be anything from soap to a period to sex. I now have FlowerPower to rebalance me and it is super super quick.” -Crystal M.


“As a nurse, I know how antibiotics work. Your body adapts to them. They also strip out the GOOD bacteria along with the bad. I am not saying to not take them, but please realize there are alternatives. FlowerPower makes things acidic again so the vagina can clean itself. I had BV for close to five years before finding FlowerPower. It works amazingly and I’ve never looked back.” -Serana 


“I’ve added this to my collection of vaginal health products… and I am not really sure I need the rest of the stuff anymore. It completely rebalances my vagina. Refreshed, odorless, and feels completely clean.”  -Keesh


Trust me, FlowerPower will change your life…

Don’t spend another second hiding from the world because you’re dealing with vaginal odor…

Life’s way too short to let something so easy to fix keep you down!

Try FlowerPower today.

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