Where is My Stuff?

We realize you're excited for your stuff.  Please be aware that we are very quick - we drop off items at USPS by 3:00 pm central each weekday.

Once USPS receives it, they can take another day to create a tracking number.  Our software will then provide that number to you.   If you do not have it, feel free to go to our tracking dashboard to look it up.

USPS UPDATE: Please be aware that USPS is undergoing an intense amount of overload.

In some situations, we are seeing significant delays with packages.

We are exploring other options outside of USPS.

Package Delayed or Stuck? Two Tricks You Can Try

Feel free to try using the two tricks below.  Unfortunately we cannot do this on your behalf.  They require the request to come from the recipient of the shipment.

Option #1: A Trick to Complain to USPS

  1. Use a tracking tool (below) to find your package.  Find out which sorting facililty it is at.
  2. Call your local post office (use their direct number, not the USPS 800 number).  Ask for the supervisor.
  3. Tell the supervisor to email the sorting facility (from step one) an NDC Package Inquiry at the last facility your package was at.  If they complain, tell them it is standard protocol.

Option #2: Using the Missing Mail Tool

  1. Go to the USPS missing mail tool.
  2. Enter your tracking number.
  3. Press start beneath “Having an issue related to this tracking number?”.
  4. For class of mail, enter USPS First Class.
  5. Leave Special Services blank.
  6. Set it to be mailed from a business to a residence.
  7. For type of mailpiece, choose package.
  8. For contents, choose “medical”.   For value put the value of your order.
  9. For mail theft — you chose.
  10. Enter any additional information.If you need our shipping address, it is:

    N169W21177 Tower Dr.
    Jackson, WI, 53037-9402

Track Your Stuff

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