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The safest and most effective Lactobacillus strains you can try are in Divine Vagine…

If you’ve done lots of research… then you know that not all Lactobacillus strains are created equal. 

That’s why lots of probiotics out there don’t work for many ladies.

But the strains in Divine Vagine have been tested on teenagers, post-menopausal women, and pregnant women… who were dealing with BV, vaginal odor, yeast infections etc.

And the results were awesome

Participants reported complete recovery from BV, yeast infections and other vaginal issues… every one of them! 💃

Now it isn’t just one study that’s confirming this. And it’s not two studies either. 

The same result came out across the board in over SEVEN large scale studies! (See the studies in the References section below)

And get this… not even one patient (including the pregnant women) reported a single side effect!

 Caroline Mitchell, M.D., O.B.

“What I tell people is that … the probiotics that seem to show some benefit in studies are ones containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1. [One of the 4 potent strains in Divine Vagine]”

Caroline Mitchell, M.D., O.B. Harvard Medical School

That’s why we can confidently say that Divine Vagine will help you to:

  • Support a healthy urogenital tract
  • Help kickstart your natural cleaning mechanism… 
  • And quicken the clearing of vaginal issues like BV, vaginal odor, and yeast infections. 

There’s no need to keep struggling with feminine issues. 

It’s time to ditch that insecurity and self-consciousness about your nether regions by using a science-backed probiotic that’ll replenish your microbiome with healthy good bacteria… 

And kickstart your natural-cleaning mechanism. 

We’ve made it super easy to put Divine Vagine to the test. 

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Imagine how life would be different once you kick those pesky vaginal issues to the curb…

Imagine what your life will look like if your vaginal issues disappeared tomorrow… without coming back.

Your confidence would return and you’d start to feel like yourself again, right?

And your relationship with your partner would instantly become better… because you’ll stop feeling too self-conscious and your mental health will also improve.

You’ll also start to enjoy your intimate moments … without a single worry about your vagina.

Your relationships will get better at work because you’ll no longer feel embarrassed and self-conscious 24/7.

Your life will get better in so many ways. And you’ll never know until you put Divine Vagine to the test.

If you do decide to try it… please let us know when you start getting results so we can celebrate with you!

Remember… you’re protected by our unconditional guarantee. Divine Vagine works or it’s 100% FREE.

Remember that your 50% launch discount on Divine Vagine… and all the free gifts will expire once this launch ends on Friday, June 2nd, at 11:59 PM.

Remember that your 50% launch discount on Divine Vagine… and all the free gifts will expire once this launch ends on Friday, June 2nd, at 11:59 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs Divine Vagine really safe for pregnant women?

    The strains in Divine Vagine were given to pregnant women in a study that lasted 12 months. And after the study, there were zero adverse effects reported! But with all supplements, if you’re pregnant, please consult your physician for medical advice before taking Divine Vagine.

  • q-iconDoes Divine Vagine really work? Can it really prevent vaginal issues from coming back in the future?

    When you try Divine Vagine as we recommend, it should support your vaginal health and help you fight infections. With a razor-sharp microbiome, you probably won’t get a single infection again if you don’t intentionally expose yourself. To get even better results, consult your free report Foods That Silence Your Probiotics and Sabotage Your Vaginal Wellness and discover the foods/medications you should not take with your probiotics. The report also includes the best time to take Divine Vagine for best results.

  • q-iconI don’t like pills. Are Divine Vagine pills easy to swallow?

    Yup, they’re soft, odor-free pills you can easily swallow. With a mouthful of water, you shouldn’t feel the pill go down your throat. And it leaves no ‘scent’ afterward.

  • q-iconDoes it help with gut health too?

    Divine Vagine was specifically made with Lactobacillus strains that support vaginal health. While you may feel other side benefits that like improved gut health, it’s only a side benefit.

  • q-iconWhat are other benefits of taking Divine Vagine?

    A working vaginal microbiome easily protects you from deadly diseases like HIV, Gonorrhea, etc. 

    “The disruption of this normal vaginal flora and a loss of lactobacilli can also leave a woman more susceptible to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.” 

    — Dr. Elizabeth Boskey, PhD from Johns Hopkins University

  • q-iconAre the bottles hard to open

    Not at all. While we make each bottle airtight, our lock system is designed to be easy for a 12-year-old to open a bottle. So remember to keep your Divine Vagine out of reach of children.

  • q-iconAre all probiotics the same no matter what the brand?

    No, they are not all the same because not all probiotics have the same Lactobacillus strains. Divine Vagine was made with the most potent, and best researched Lactobacillus strains in the world. And the brands that use these proven strains are a handful.

  • q-iconI understand "true" probiotics are supposed to be refrigerated 24/7 to remain "alive." Do I need to refrigerate Divine Vagine?

    No you don’t need to refrigerate. Probiotics that need to be refrigerated are unstable and need refrigeration to be viable. But Divine Vagine is stable at room temperature because we use advanced harvesting technology to make our blends. You only need to store your Divine Vagine bottles at room temperature, in a cool dry place.

  • q-iconDoes Divine Vagine help maintain a healthy pH balance for women?

    Two strains in Divine Vagine (L. acidophilus and gasseri) are the best strains known for their ability to make lactic acid. It’s lactic acid that makes your vagina unlivable for bad bacteria… by keeping your pH low. That’s how Divine Vagine will help keep your pH in line. 

  • q-iconAre these enteric coated?

    Divine Vagine pills are NOT enteric-coated because our strains are naturally resistant to stomach acid. So it was unnecessary to add the enteric coating as they already work on their own. Adding a coating will also shoot up the price and we want to keep Divine Vagine affordable.

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